Get Streets Ahead of The Competition with Invoice Finance

Posted: 17th December 2019

“Maintain your cashflow and put it to work” says Kilgannon Street Care Group. “Putting your cashflow to work is essential for growth” that’s the advice Paul Kilgannon, Managing Director of Kilgannon Street Care Group.

Yet, how do businesses get access to that cashflow? Even the busiest and most successful of businesses can suffer from a dried up cashflow – take Mothercare and Thomas Cook, their cashflow problems saw both high street names fold this year.

Cashflow is king – it’s the lifeblood of a business. That’s why, invoice finance is the UK’s favourite alternative finance option, helping over 40,000 businesses enjoy a fluid cashflow week after week, month after month.

Here, Kilgannon Street Care Group, a family run business for more than 30 years, shares the benefits and advantages of a company having invoice finance behind them.

Did You Previously use Invoice Finance?

Yes; as a business Kilgannon had been using invoice finance for several years. It’s more flexible than traditional banking and frees up cash quicker.

Why Did You Move to Calverton Finance?

After several years with the same provider our terms still hadn’t changed, despite the fact our business had. We are a strong, solid and profitable company. In order to invest as quickly as opportunities present themselves we needed to renegotiate terms. That didn’t happen with our previous provider, so we spoke to Calverton.

We need a decent advance because any additional assets are expensive. We’re good for our money, Calverton realised that, along with the cashflow we actually needed to grow.

How Did You Hear About Calverton Finance?

Calverton were recommended to me via a business associate who had been pleased with the service and terms. We have a proven track record in delivering excellence to our customers; Calverton share that record.

What Made Calverton’s Facility Stand Out from Others?

First and foremost, Calverton could see the rate we were growing and how we are eager to expand.

In order to do that we needed a generous advancement on our invoices. Calverton were in a position to advance far more than any other providers; recognising our turnover and cashflow. We use state of the art technology and well-trained labour – that costs money, money we can’t afford to be waiting around for through late payment from our customers.

Was it Easy to Switch Providers?

Yes, it was easy and straightforward. The team at Calverton were fast and efficient, liaising between our previous provider and themselves, meaning we didn’t really need to get involved. What helped was being appointed with our own Calverton team member – it meant they knew all about our business and the transition from one company to the next; if we called, they knew exactly what was going on and we’d get a comprehensive update.

What Are the Benefits to Invoice Finance?

It unlocks cash instantly from what we’re owed. We don’t need to worry about late paying customers; we invoice, we’re paid, regardless of our credit terms or those of our customers.

What Have You Been Able to Achieve Since Using Invoice Finance?

Due to instant payment on our invoices, it means our ability to grow has outstripped that of our competitors.

It means we can make our money work hard, putting it to work on expansion opportunities such as funding new contracts, hiring additional members of staff and investing in bigger and better equipment. We’re in a fortunate position of being able to drive our business forward without any worries over a stagnant cashflow.

What Do You Value About Calverton Finance?

As a family run business, I value honesty and integrity. I get that from Calverton.

I can trust what they are telling me.

They are considerate to my business and its needs; and with a down to earth team it just makes everything easier.

How Would You Rate the Service at Calverton Finance?

Exceptional. It’s clearly a close knit team at Calverton and it shows. You get service, which like us, goes over and above. We aren’t treated like a number; we’re treated as a valued customer. Their strong customer commitment shines through every step of the way.

Have Calverton Finance Met Your Expectations?

Most definitely; I’d certainly recommend Calverton; in fact, I already have.