chain to represent SME supply chain bullying.

FSB Demand Government Answers to SME “Supply Chain Bullying”

Posted: 1st March 2018

Strong statements indeed, made by Mike Cherry, Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Yet, so true. We know this as we help hundreds of SMEs overcome the burden of late paying customers and the impact it has on their cashflow.

The Reality

The stress it causes businesses, just like yours, really does amount to supply chain bullying.

What Mr Cherry goes on to identify, when summing up 2018 prospects for small businesses, is the devastating impact late payers have on SMEs. He is calling upon the Government to deal with the culprits, whose actions have been referred to as“supply chain bullying”.

Yet until the Government puts a stop to late payers – 60, 90 + plus sound familiar? – What can an SME business just like you do to protect itself?

Well, just like more than 40,000 UK businesses, you should consider Invoice Finance – the cashflow solution for SME businesses. 

  • It doesn’t involve ‘borrowing’ money.
  • It grows with your business.
  • It doesn’t require charges over personal assets.
  • It is a well proven, cost effective solution to cashflow and working capital demands!  

Mr Cherry has said, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and need to be supported and nurtured.” As leaders in the market place, here at Calverton Finance, we couldn’t agree more.  We offer award winning factoring solutions to SMEs and ‘supporting and nurturing’ comes as standard.

Mark Byrne, Calverton Finance’s Managing Director adds, “Late paying customers are preventing growth and expansion for SME businesses across the UK; with many of these businesses struggling to gain control of their cashflow.

SMEs Are Vital

That’s why we are leaders in invoice finance because we believe, unequivocally, that SME businesses are vital to the economy. As such we offer outstanding UK factoring solutions - ‘that help businesses build, grow and thrive’ - which have seen our clients grow their businesses on average by more than 10% each year.”

As an SME business you should be proud of what you are contributing to the UK economy...

  • SMEs – and there are 5.7 million – make up 60% of the private sector.
  • You are contributing over £1.9 trillion to the UK economy. 

With such a massive impact you would think that cashflow, working capital and growth opportunities wouldn’t be issues. But, with late paying customers, it’s often easier said than done. 

Not, however, with invoice finance. This cashflow facility advances you up to 90% of your invoice values within 24 hours, with the balance being paid once payment is collected – managed by us for your convenience, as if we were your own credit control team.

So STOP the ‘supply chain bullying’ today! Get in touch with our experienced team today for a no obligation chat about how invoice factoring can help your business.