Touker Suleyman - Cash is King

“From Experience, Cash is King... Without Having Money in the Bank...” says, Touker Suleyman

Posted: 23rd January 2018

“From experience, cash is King... without having money in the bank, money that can pay the bills, money that can run your business, you haven’t got a business” says, Touker Suleyman, ‘Dragon’ on BBC 1’s Dragon Den, multi millionaire fashion retail entrepreneur and investor.

And of course, Mr Suleyman is completely right. Without a fluid cashflow there is no business. How can a business manage their overheads, capital expenditure, unexpected bills and other expenses?  Even the best of clients can pay late -  60, 90 days plus sound familiar?  

At Calverton Finance we completely agree that ‘cash is King’.

Cashflow is the Vital Mainstay of Any Business

That’s why we are market leaders of invoice factoringfor SME businesses in the UK.  

Did you know that 49% of SME businesses admit that they are not paid on time?  With invoice factoring you get paid on time, every time – within 24hrs in fact of issuing your invoice!

Did you also know that 20% of businesses fail in their first year?  

Or that half of businesses fail within their first five years. Do you know why that is? It’s generally down to a lack of cashflow and funding. In short, they run out of cash!

Yet it doesn’t need to be that way for your business, not with invoice factoring from Calverton.

Tailored Factoring That Grows Your Business

Our tailored invoice factoring solutions mean established or start-up businesses have the peace of mind that there’s always money in the bank. With factoring you aren’t borrowing money you don’t have, you are simply drawing on the monies you are owed. The facility grows with your business, and it’s proven to help manage working capital and aid expansion and growth through a constant cashflow. 

Here’s How it Works...

  • You issue your invoice to your customers in the usual way.
  • Via our secure online portal you send us a copy of each issued invoice.
  • We pay you an advance of up to 90% of the value of this invoice* – within 24hrs!
  • We even chase payment, courteously, on your behalf – we act as if we were your own in-house credit control department.
  • Once full payment is received on each invoice we issue you with the remaining balance – again, within 24 hours!

*minus our very competitive charges.

There’s even a confidential factoring option if you’d prefer for your customers not to know of our involvement – this is called invoice discounting. It has all the same great benefits of invoice factoring yet remains private.  

And if you would like to only consider factoring to cover seasonal lows or larger invoices you can opt for selective invoice factoring whereby you choose which invoices you factor, again with all the same great benefits.

Our facilities are easy and quick to set up – usually it’s all set up in little over a week. Unlike the high street banks and more traditional lenders who take up your valuable time and make you jump through hoops, invariably to offer you an inflexible finance option.

By setting up your invoice factoring you’ll be getting 2018 off to a ‘royal’ start – because cashflow is vital. Cashflow is King!

Don’t just take our word for it, there’s over 40,000 UK businesses using factoring solutions to manage their cashflow successfully!