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Posted: 19th February 2019

When you’re starting up your new business venture, it’s nice to be reminded that even the biggest businesses and successful business minds all started from nothing but a dream.

They faced the same challenges you do, but they got through them - through perseverance, integrity, belief and never giving up.  They battled on and the rest, as they say, is history.

Justine Roberts’ Story

After a “disastrous” family holiday, Justine Roberts founded Now, 16 years later, she has been voted the UK’s 7th most powerful women in the UK and has created a website that boasts over 14 million unique visitors per month.

Yet, it wasn’t easy in the beginning. was founded shortly after the crash. Advertising revenue for websites was at its lowest ever rate, and one finance provider would only agree funding if an “experienced CEO” was put in charge.  

Thankfully, for businesses in today’s market - whether they are start-up or established – there is a variety of funding options available. With arguably, one of the most flexible being invoice factoring, available to businesses large and small. 

So What did Justine do?

What can we learn from her rise to the top of her game?

  • Have a USP - There is no point reinventing the wheel. Have a unique selling point - you need to be different to stand out in today’s oversaturated market place.
  • Hard work - It might sound obvious but starting up your own business isn’t a 9 to 5 job.
  • Believe - Justine’s advice is to truly believe in your idea, and yourself. You can do this! You can make it happen.
  • Flexibility - Justine applies this to her ‘work and play mantra’, especially when jugging home life so be adaptable and accommodating.
  • Organisation - Good organisation is key to success, business owners juggle a lot of balls. Justine uses an app called Trello – helping her to plan and manage her working and personal life.

As many businesses find out - they have bills to pay, overheads to cover, staffing costs to fund; yet the cash may not be there as customers will often pay later and later each time. Sad but true, it’s not uncommon for businesses to wait up to 90 days for payment.

Fact: With invoice finance, your cashflow is constant as you are paid up to 90% of each and every invoice that is issued (with the balance paid upon settlement of the invoice)

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