Max International logo who receiving invoice factoring from Calverton Finance.

Factoring – Giving You Control of Your Cashflow

Posted: 17th April 2018

When Max Furnishing Brokers saw an opportunity to expand and develop their business they knew that funding support would be necessary. However they wanted a finance facility that would allow them to be in control of their own cashflow.

We Didn't Want to Borrow Money

Here, Company Director, Michelle Amos, explains why they chose Calverton Finance invoice factoring; “We always knew we would be in a position to expand after a few years of running the business. We didn’t want to go down the traditional bank loan or overdraft route. We didn’t want the burden of ‘borrowing’. What we wanted was a sustainable and constant cashflow. We knew we were getting work in, (we were regularly issuing invoices for payment), it was more a matter of getting paid quickly so we had working capital to enable us to seize growth opportunities as they arose, at a rate we could manage.” 

“Invoice factoring means our business can grow and we remain in control. We like the fact that factoring isn’t borrowing; we’re just having our invoices paid promptly without us having to chase each and every client. It means that there’s always money in our bank. That gives us the security and confidence to carry on growing.”

Calverton's Customer Service

Michelle goes on to explain, “We got in contact with Calverton Finance as they were highly recommended to us. We did consider other providers but Calverton shone out as clear leaders in their field. A big factor to this was their size – not too big, not too small. What they offer is tailored, one-to-one customer service.”

“This customer service comes into its own when you call them. There’s always someone at the end of the phone. They know who you are, where you’re calling from and always willing to help.”

“Getting started was easy too. A few meetings in and we were signed up and ready to go. It meant that the available opportunities to expand weren’t missed. Speed and efficiency was of the utmost of importance to us and Calverton didn’t fail to deliver.”

“There’s definitely peace of mind by using invoice factoring, not just that our cash flow is always flowing, but that we are being looked after too. Calverton Finance wants us to grow as much as we do.”