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Digital Media Finance - Straight To The Point

Posted: 18th September 2017

In an industry that can be inundated in technical jargon and buzz words, we won’t bore you with our own.

Instead we’ll get straight to the point.

With our specialist digital media invoice finance packages, you can secure advanced payment on your outstanding invoices of up to 90% of their value within 24 hours (with the remaining 10% balance paid to you upon payment).

Invoice finance gives you total control over managing your cash flow. Why wait 60, or even 90 days to get paid when you can have funds in your bank account with 24 hours?

In a nut shell, here’s how it works...

  • You issue the invoice to your customer – whether that’s part way through a project, or at completion
  • You send us a copy
  • We pay you up to 90% of that invoice value within 24 hours
  • Our team chase payment, acting as your own ‘branded’ in-house credit control deptartment
  • We receive payment of said invoice
  • You receive the remaining balance

Digital Media Start Up?

Finding effective funding for start-ups in the digital media industry can often be tough. With little or no tangible assets – your knowledge and skill are your assets, and whilst commendable, are sadly, not bankable – funding options are limited, outdated and often unworkable in the digital arena.

This is why invoice factoring is ideal. What’s more, by allowing us to act as your in-house credit control team means you don’t have to worry about employing additional personnel to manage your finances.

Established Digital Media Agency?

Established or new start-up, digital media agencies face the same challenges when it comes to managing cash flow. Slow paying clients, often large companies who dictate their own terms, can put your cash flow at risk. With invoice finance this is no longer an issue. Instead, you secure advance payment on your invoices within 24 hours.

Keeping It Confidential

If you’re not comfortable with your clients knowing your business finance arrangements then don’t worry – you can still benefit from factoring with our invoice discounting option. Offering all the benefits of invoice factoring, digital media invoice discounting is completely confidential.

Tailored - One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our award winning invoice finance is especially designed for SME businesses in the digital media industry. Our team of Corporate and Client Managers understand the workings of your industry and as such can put together tailored packages to suit your individual needs. Just like your business doesn’t operate a ‘one size fits all’, neither do we.

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