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Delivering Finance to the Distribution Industry

Posted: 11th June 2019

We recognise the distribution industry is increasingly faced with tough daily challenges - rising fuel costs, overly competitive market place, unforgiving customers, busy peak periods and slow off peak times, fluctuating staffing needs, overdue invoices, transportation regulations and quality control.

It’s Endless

Yet we know the distribution industry plays an essential role in supporting the manufacturing and retail industries; in fact we believe, distribution and logistics agencies provide crucial backbone support to the UK.

Here at Calverton Finance, we know and appreciate the challenges you are faced with; it’s the Calverton Culture. As such, we offer specialist financial facilities that enable stability and growth. 

Distributors and logistic agencies find themselves inundated with the day to day operations of running a successful business, yet unconsciously letting the credit control and invoicing slip. Such slippage will threaten the commercial viability of your agency! You need an effective financial solution.

Why You Might Need Invoice Factoring:

  • Rising Fuel Costs - Invoice finance enables companies, like yours, to deal with rising fuel costs because they have a constant cashflow.
  • Extended Credit Terms - Many distribution and logistics agencies suffer with extended payments by their customers. Invoice Finance solves this by paying up to 90% of each issued invoice, within 24 hours, with the balance paid once the customer has settled.
  • Additional Personnel - At peak periods, invoice finance can help cope with ad hoc personnel needs, such as having the cashflow to hire temporary drivers.
  • Flexibility - Invoice finance is far more flexible than traditional banking finance methods, plus it is proven to fast track company growth.
  • Reactive Responses - Invoice finance gives you working capital to immediately react to changes in the market or fast paced business needs.
  • Confidential Cashflow - Keeping your finance arrangements confidential from your customers, Confidential Invoice Discounting is a private facility, boasting all the benefits of factoring.

That’s why over 44,000 UK SME businesses look to invoice finance companies for their credit control needs. Not only does invoice finance take away the back office administration associated with issuing and chasing invoices, but also ensures prompt payment.

To drive your business forward, call our specialist team today on 01908 268888 for full details, including an instant invoice finance quotation.