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Delivering Cashflow Solutions to Meet Courier Industry's Growing Trends

Posted: 29th May 2018

Delivery and courier companies pride themselves on delivering parcels and packages on time, every time, because businesses up and down the land rely on them.

It’s a huge industry, one that is thriving and always in demandyet, thanks to the digital age, is tough. It’s cut throat and companies are forever being hit with the pressure of reduced costs – here at Calverton Finance we recognise this. Yet why should a successful businesses just like yours, struggle to secure a fluid cashflow and manage working capital? How do others seem to be doing just fine? The likelihood is that it’s because of invoice finance.  We know, invoice finance is ideal for courier and deliver SMEs such as yours. Just as you must make your deliveries quickly, we pay your issued invoices swiftly. 

Invoice factoring – choose from invoice finance, confidential invoice discounting or selective invoice finance – ensures you have a fast flowing, fluid cashflow at all times and gives you working capital through prompt payment on your issued invoices – all of the time.

Growing Trends

Through invoice finance, your working capital will soar - as you’ve been paid what you are owed - which means you can look to invest, expand and grow! And it needs to, because growing trends within the industry show you can’t take your foot off the pedal, instead you’ll need to rethink the traditional parcel delivery service within your business.

Whilst the digital age has seen postal services demise, deliveries are soaring; as internet savvy customers ditch the high street in favour of ‘instant’ online shopping. All of which needs delivering (and returning) with speed and cost efficiencies. Yet, how are you going to keep up with these trends, be competitive and stay in the market if you don’t have the funds to invest?

All of these trends mean that, as a business, you need to look at your operations. Are they keeping up with the trends or are you rapidly falling behind?

Current trends, and demanding, time precious consumers, are dictating that couriers...

  • Provide fast delivery services.
  • Provide online tracking features from the store to their doorstep.
  • 7% of customers want their items delivered the same day – particularly those in the Capital.
  • With 12% expecting delivery the next day.

Peace of Mind

Well, here at Calverton Finance we have the same pride - delivering cashflow peace of mind through our award winning invoice factoring facilities – on time, every time.  We understand your business – as you can see, we’re well aware of the growing trends and changes in your industry. Making sure we know this is part of our Calverton Culture.  We understand the challenges your industry faces as the delivery service is forever evolving in the way it operates. That’s why...

  • Our factoring solutions are tailored to your business needs – they are flexible, workable; with no-nonsense!
  • With no hierarchy or hoops to jump through, your factoring can be set up and operational within a couple of weeks.
  • We advance up to 90% of your issued invoices within 24 hours, paying the balance once your customer settles their invoice.
  • 24 hour access, via our secure online portal, to view your accounts.
  • Dedicated Client Manager available to answer all your questions and queries.
  • Back office credit control service included – taking away all the timely administration of chasing and settling invoices.

Invoice factoring solutions provide essential cashflow and working capital in a practical way. Availability to constant cashflow means, despite late paying customers (and if you’re like most, these late payers are becoming more and more common) you’ll always have money in the bank. As such, this cashflow means you can cope with rising fuel costs, insurance, vehicle repair and maintenance bills and driver wages.   

Not Borrowing – Advancing

Unlike traditional bank loans or overdrafts, invoice finance is not borrowing – you are simply advancing monies that are owed to you. Essentially, what this means is you are paid, within 24hrs, up to 90% of your invoices once you have issued them to your customers.  The balance is paid once your customers settle their invoice. What’s more, the facility grows as you grow – there’s no need to renegotiate as you would with conventional funding options.

Why Use Us?

Our fees are extremely reasonable – some of the best in the market place.  Our customer service is second to none. Our range of invoice factoring solutions will mean there’s one ideal for you.  92% of our customers would recommend us, and we have the highest retention rates in the industry!

Did You Know?

There are more than 40,000 companies using invoice factoring to support their cashflow and working capital – many of which are delivery and courier companies.

Large or small, our tailored invoice factoring means we help many businesses just like yours. Whether your fleet has a lot of vehicles or just a few, whether you are a start-up or established business, we have an invoice factoring solution to meet your needs.

Call us today and see how our invoice finance could take your business to the next level of success and peace of mind, 01908 268888.