Communication Hacks for Business Success

Posted: 16th October 2019

Communication. A hugely important word in fact; especially if you get it wrong!

Good, no, make that great; communication can give a business great success, setting it apart from its competitors.

Whoever you are talking to – your staff, your customers, your suppliers, your investors – the way in which you present yourself and your business – the way in which you write and talk - all massively impact how those around you will perceive both you and your message. 

So, here are the biggest and most powerful communication hacks you can do for your SME business:

1. Priorities

Communication should be your priority. You have something new to say, then say it! Not just to your customers but to your team.

Your team will spread that message and are all too often forgotten about. Ensure you make time for regular meetings, newsletters, and email updates.

Think social media channels, customer email marcomms – ensuring GDPR is adhered to, of course. Make your news exciting – add some wow and pizazz to make it stand out.

2. The Truth

The whole truth and nothing but the truth. It will bite you in the behind if you aren’t completely open, honest and transparent with the communications you give.

This alone will instil more trust and respect from staff, customers, suppliers and investors alike.

3. Feedback

Communication isn’t all one way you know. Make sure you actively encourage feedback. You can learn a lot – good and bad – potentially making or breaking an update, change or new launch.

Remember, some aren’t as vocal as they’d like to be, or are a little shy. Offer feedback forms, anonymously or organised forums.

Listening is just as important as talking; as too is asking questions!

4. Keep in Touch

Businesses miss a trick by only communicating when they feel like they need to, when they have something to gain as a result. Yet, good communication should be a priority 24/7. Let your customers and staff know you are there. A daily Tweet or LinkedIn update. Keep abreast with industry new and share it.

5. The Personnel Touch

Let’s face it, in a digital age it’s all too easy to forget the value of face-2-face communication. Don’t be afraid to actually go and see your clients, suppliers or investors, rather than constant emails, conference calls and such like. It’s proven to actually deepen and improve the quality of relationships you have when dealing with people in person.

As you can see, by improving your communication you are improving the relationships you have with your own team, your customers, suppliers and investors and ultimately you are improving your business. 

Remember, it’s good to talk; but it’s even better to communicate!