"Committed to our Clients", MD Explains

Posted: 26th March 2020

In these unprecedented times our priorities, as always, are to look after our staff and clients, the core of our business.

In spite of the severe impact of COVID-19 on SME businesses in the UK, we will continue to support our clients and assist them in their business continuity and growth. Our aim is to maintain our high levels of service provided by our great employees. With this in mind, we have set up systems to enable our staff to operate from home. 

Our priorities are a fast, flexible and personal service, and we are in constant communication with clients in order to maintain this.

In this difficult economic environment, our client’s main issues are a fall in sales and a reduction in cashflow. Unfortunately, we can’t help with the lack of sales, but we can really help with maintaining a healthy cashflow. As well as our continued funding of invoices, in view of the inevitably increasing levels of non-payments and businesses failures, our efficient credit control services are more valuable than ever, and we will continue to chase for timely customer payments. What’s more, we provide bad debt protection to clients and this also gives clients a significant safeguard against customer non-payments/ customer failure.

To confirm again, our priorities are to continue to support our clients throughout this period alongside the health and wellbeing of our staff.

Stay well, Stay safe.

Mark Byrne
Managing Director