alarm clock next to money to represent growing cashflow.

Cashflow facilities that will grow with your 2018 goals!

Posted: 3rd January 2018

New Year. New Start. New Opportunities.

But as you plan to grow and expand your business have you also planned your cashflow?

As your business grows cash demands inevitably become greater. But there is a simple way to secure your cashflow, free up working capital and keep your bank balance in the black - our tailored invoice factoring options.

Never worry about cashflow again!

Every invoice you factor is paid within 24hrs – up to 90% of its value!

Working capital is always available due to the unique way your factoring facility finances your business.

You’re in control of your cashflow. No worries about unpaid bills holding you back because, with factoring, you’re paid on time, every time – within 24hrs to be precise! (Up to 90% of each invoice value, with the remaining 10% balance paid upon payment by your customer).

Expansion and growth opportunities become real due to your fluid and available cashflow!

Assets remain safe, unlike bank loans and overdrafts you aren’t required to put up any of your personal assets as collateral with invoice finance – this is because you aren’t borrowing, but you are simply drawing on money that you are owed.

Re-financing agony? Not with Invoice Factoring – these facilities automatically grow as your business does. Flexible and fast it’s the answer to over 40,000 UK businesses’ cashflow worries!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the 40,000 plus SME businesses who have taken back control of their finances with Invoice Factoring