How to maximise your cashflow for digital media agencies

Cash Flow “Optimisation” – Smart Factoring Finance for Digital Media Agencies

Posted: 10th October 2017

For digital media agencies optimisation and online presence is a key driver in your business, and that of your customers’.

However, you can have all the SEO in the world, but, without a secure cash flow your business will bomb.

Over half of UK SME businesses fail in their first five years, and the main reason for failure is poor cashflow. It’s hard enough running a business at the best of times, trying to maintain a fluid cash flow at the same time as meeting financial obligations, overhead commitments and payroll responsibilities.

So how can you control your cash flow easily, efficiently and cost effectively ?

The answer – Invoice FactoringLet us explain...

360° Campaign” Funding

Funds are advanced on your invoices within 24hrs, up to the value of 90%, regardless of whether your customers pay within 14, 30, 60, 90+ days!

  • You simply issue the invoice to your client as normal
  • You send us a copy via our dedicated online portal
  • We advance up to 90% of that invoice within 24 hours
  • On your behalf, we chase – politely and courteously – your customers for payment, through our white-labelled credit control. It’s as if we are your in-house team
  • Once payment has been secured we pay you the remaining balance of the invoice value


Just as you need a return on your investment, you want a quick return on your invoices! Invoice factoring gives you exactly that.

  • Up to 90% advanced on each invoice you have issued, within 24 hours

Agile Marketing” Finance

Our invoice factoring service – and there are several options to choose from – are tailored to your exact requirements. They are flexible and adjustable, because here at Calverton Finance, we acknowledge that each and every business is different and has different cashflow requirements.

A Stress Free “User Experience”

Using Calverton Finance for your factoring needs couldn’t be easier. Our user friendly online portal means you can easily see...

  • What invoices have been put through your factoring facility
  • Which invoices have been paid
  • What invoices are outstanding
  • What funds are available for you to draw down

Working in “Synergy” With You

Our professional team work hand in hand with you and your business. Working with similar SME businesses in your field, we truly understand the nature of your business, the challenges you face and the trials you endure.

A “Thought Leader” In Our Industry

At Calverton Finance, we are an independent, award winning provider of invoice factoring facilities, including confidential invoice discounting, selective invoice factoring and bad debt protection.

Sounds Like a “Value Proposition”?

Let us take a moment of your time to explain how an invoice factoring facility will benefit your business. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you manage your cash flow, handle overheads and optimise growth. With market-leading fees and no long term contracts – just transparent, open and honest cashflow funding.  

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