Invoices on a table being calculated to represent needing invoice finance.

Can I Afford Not To Have Invoice Finance?

Posted: 26th February 2019

Ever wondered how much invoice finance costs? Yet surely, the question should be “can I afford not to have invoice finance?”

Fact: Factoring is not lending, it is advancing monies owed to you. Therefore, you do not add another ‘debt’ to your books.

Invoice Finance Costs:

Costs involved with invoice finance can vary depending on each finance provider. The general rule is that when pricing a facility the provider will consider:

  • Your annual turnover
  • The reliability of your existing customers. Dependent on the provider they will also credit check your customers too
  • The industry you operate within
  • The value of each invoice you are looking to factor

Reviewing the Costs:

When reviewing the costs associated to your potential new factoring facility, do ensure that the finance provider is transparent regarding any additional charges and fees such as:

  • Service
  • Collections
  • Overdues
  • Unused lines
  • Renewals

Why are Calverton Different?

At Calverton Finance we pride ourselves on our open, honest and transparent business plan. There are no hidden charges. We operate with integrity, and as such we’ve been awarded prestigious industry honours – it’s the Calverton Culture.

Added Bolt-Ons:

What’s more, the factoring facility can also come with:

  • Tailored credit control: With a fully inclusive credit control service, meaning your business doesn’t need to spend valuable time chasing invoices. Building a relationship not only with you but your customers too.
  • Selective Bad Debt Protection (BDP): Enabling your security to ensure you are covered if your customers fail for any reason. We are able to offer a selective facility whereby, you can cherry pick who you would like to cover.

As an affordable alternative to traditional lending, invoice finance with Calverton is a flexible alternative.

Invoice Finance gives your business the ability to grow securely and without cashflow stress. Can you really afford not to have invoice finance? How will this benefit your business going forward? How will invoice finance marry with your future business goals?

If you are interested in the answers to these questions, learning more about how invoice finance will work for you, would like a comparative quote or would like to switch to Calverton, please call 01908 268888 or email