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Call it What You Will, But We'll Keep it Simple

Posted: 6th June 2017

Call it what you will...

Finance for recruitment agencies, payroll funding, recruitment agency finance, payroll financing or recruitment back office finance.

Whatever you call it, we’ll keep it nice and simple. Are you thinking about financing options for your recruitment agency?

Your Options

Do you need to protect your cash flow from the variable demands of wages out and late payments in? Well, whatever you choose to call it; and for the record, we call it recruitment factoring and recruitment invoice discounting, we’ll keep our explanation simple:

  • You are advanced 90% of the value of your issued invoices
  • You are advanced the 90% within 24 hours
  • We cover you, at no extra cost, against customer bad debt
  • You are paid the remaining 10% balance once we have collected payment on each
    issued invoice
  • Our fees are transparent, open and honest, with no minimum charges

Our recruitment factoring service means that not only do we fund your invoices, but we take away the hassle of credit control and collections. We provide your business with a tailor-made credit control service that’s both professional and personable.

Our recruitment invoice discounting offers all the benefits of recruitment factoring, but the facility is confidential and you manage your own collections.

Simple isn’t it?

Temporary recruitment agency, Onsite Labour Solutions thinks so too.

Calverton Finance has been providing recruitment agency finance to them for over seven years. Here, Jamie Elliott, Managing Director, explains why he’d recommend factoring for recruitment agencies, “We’ve been using Calverton Finance for our recruitment factoring for over seven years. Calverton’s hands on approach was like a dream compared to the nightmare we were having with the bank".

As the business grew and changed, there was no room for discussion with the bank over changing their finance facility to better meet our needs. To be honest, it was ‘their way or the highway’. Calverton on the other hand are always willing to talk and to discuss new ideas".

To read Jamie’s full story check out our other blog article ‘Calverton Finance Bring the Right Tools for Onsite Labour Solution’s Recruitment Finance Needs’.

Our recruitment factoring and recruitment invoice discounting finance solutions for recruitment agencies gives real value, peace of mind and financial security to businesses across the UK.

So why spend your precious time on back office administration – chasing clients with lengthy payment terms, trying to manage cash flow to pay contracting staff and stressing over cash reserves to balance your books for creditors? Instead, concentrate on securing new contracts, expanding your business and growing your empire!

Call our expert sales team today to discuss setting up factoring for your recruitment agency to help your business; including finance payroll schemes, SME factoring and confidential invoice discounting.