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Brexit + European Talent Pool = Recruitment Agency Woes

Posted: 31st July 2018

As Brexit looms, uncertainty increases. How will Brexit affect your business? Either a large or small recruitment agency, you will need to revise your future plans and understand how will you overcome the challenges to come? Is your talent pool of temporary and permanent workers from the EU?

Currently the UK is enjoying unemployment levels at an 11 year low. However, going forward the feelings of insecurity and ambiguity grow.

How Will Brexit Affect My Recruitment Agency?

Are there ways around this? Well yes, anyone who moves to the UK during the changeover period will be entitled to stay in the country for the foreseeable future. It may well then be the case, that a candidate is able to stay in the UK if they have employment or key skills that the UK needs; even a point scoring entry classification not dissimilar to Australia has been thrown into the Brexit employment ‘ring’.

Until then, it is vital that recruitment agencies look outside the usual EU talent pool ‘box’ when looking to recruit; and ultimately making it easy for potential applicants to apply for jobs.  

For Example:

  • According to latest figures released by Mercer, 19% of Non-EU born workers outnumber the 14% of EU-born workers in the accommodation and food services industry
  • In IT it’s 11% Non-EU born who have the majority over 9% EU-born employees
  • In manufacturing it’s 12% Non-EU born to 11% EU-born employees

It’s worth remembering that our talent pool and skill sets do also sit outside the EU and are available worldwide.  

Our Suggestions:

There are a number of key things recruitment agencies can do leading up to Brexit.

  • Ensure your systems enable candidates to upload CVs online, ensuring sites are compatible and responsive with mobile devices
  • Update systems so that CVs can be automatically matched to all suitable positions
  • Make sure your talent pool of potential candidates doesn’t dry up. If certain areas of employment are diminishing – for example the hospitality arena that is heavily dominated by an EU workforce, arrange a big drive to recruit more candidates. Look at hosting tailored seminars and recruitment days. Approach local community centres, colleges and universities
  • Social media plays a huge role in all areas of our lives, is your agency prominent on social media? Do you update your pages regularly? If you’re not promoting yourself how will candidates know you exist? Especially if your competition is active within these channels. Think about LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Consider offering qualifications that candidates can look at taking to fill gaps in the marketplace, could you offer added extras to a candidate who completes a dedicated course. Its added extras like this that sets your agency apart from the competition, building loyalty from candidates and increasing your talent pool
  • Subscribe to industry websites and magazines so you can target your efforts accordingly and track the latest trends
  • Many agencies have a huge bank of previous candidates – don’t be afraid to get back in touch with these people; they may not have been suitable for your positions previously but time brings experience and qualifications, which could mean they are perfect for vacancies you now have