Banks Slowdown on SME Lending

Posted: 13th September 2019

Many high street, traditional, banking institutions are putting the brakes on their SME lending.

FACT: SME lending by banks is falling

More and more SMEs are finding it increasingly difficult to secure funding, enabling them to grow, thrive and expand; as well as the value of the loan amount being offered decreasing.

Banks are worried about how a no-deal Brexit could affect the economy and the knock on effect it would have on an SME’s ability to repay the loan.

FACT: Calverton Finance is agreeing more financing deals to SMEs than ever before

However, 60% of SMEs are positive about their future, regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy. You need supporting. You need cashflow to evolve, develop, thrive and grow. 

FACT: There are dangers for the UK if SMEs rely solely on banks to fund their cashflow needs

So, do not worry if your bank has refused your lending, or reduced the amount they will lend. Instead, speak to us about invoice finance.

FACT: Over half of SMEs have experienced problems when accessing bank finance

Invoice finance - there’s are good reasons why it’s the UK’s most popular form of alternative finance. It’s a generous form of lending based on the size of your sales ledger, it’s competitively priced, and it grows as your business grows.

FACT: Invoice finance gives you constant cashflow and working capital through instant payment of your invoices

  • Issue your invoice as usual, with a copy to us via your secure online portal
  • We issue up to 90% of the value within 24 hours
  • We chase your outstanding invoices on your behalf
  • When your customer has paid, we pay you the balance

FACT: Our customers saw their businesses grow by 13% last year  

Unlike banks, you don’t need to jump through hoops to apply or be accepted. You deal with decision makers, decision makers who are able to tailor your financing options and agree your application; and quickly! We can have your invoice finance facility set up and fully operational within a week or two.

As well as invoice finance, you could also choose confidential invoice discounting – all the benefits of invoice finance but confidential from your customers. Or, choose selective invoice finance whereby you can choose to finance selected invoices only – ideal to cover seasonal highs and lows or much larger, ad hoc invoices.

So, for your invoice finance quote call us today on 01908 268888, or go online and complete our 5 Minute In Principal Approval form to have a decision within 5 minutes.