An Equal World is an Enabled World

Posted: 6th March 2020

On Sunday 8th March the world unites to celebrate International Women’s Day.

A day specifically set aside to promote, encourage and inspire girls, young ladies and women around the world through championing gender equality, eradicating gender bias and celebrating the achievements of women through this year’s theme of ‘an equal world is an enabled world’.

The Calverton Group are avid supporters of International Women’s Day, in particular the #womeninbusiness and #womeninfinance movements; proudly citing that they have three female Directors – something that is far from ordinary. Behind them stand powerful, professional and skilled management and client support teams made up of many women.

How do Calverton Support their Employees?

Senior roles within the finance industry are far from ordinary - the UK’s largest companies have far to go in attaining gender equality – just six CEO positions out of the top 100 largest public companies are held by women; proof that there is still a lot of work needed in redressing the gender in balance.  

How Calverton Support Entrepreneurs?

Sadly however, even in today’s society, women are struggling to secure finance to realise their entrepreneurial and start up dreams. Yet, Calverton actively supports female lead start-ups and entrepreneurs with the funding of their new business ventures. Having no gender bias when it comes to securing the financial stability and peace of mind for business owners, is why we are an award-winning invoice finance provider to SME businesses; boasting one of the highest retention rates of business customers within the industry.

Investing in Women Code

We are also firm followers of The Investing in Women Code, which complements the Women in Finance Charter promoting gender equality within the finance industry. 

When cash is king it’s vital every business, large or small, woman or man led, has the comfort of knowing there is cashflow to promote growth, stability and maximise opportunities as they are presented.