close up of circuit board to represent engineering industry.

Ahead of the Evolving Engineering Industry

Posted: 25th June 2019

FACT: The Ferris Wheel was considered to be the greatest engineering wonders of the world, back in 1893.

Now, it’s all about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), virtual reality, nanotechnology, 3D scanning and printing, sustainable architecture and energies. So, investment and development is the only sure fire way for engineering companies to survive into the future. 

The needs of today’s world are constantly evolving, changing and fluctuating. Even specific, specialist engineers will be made to change with the times.

Your Future Business Investments

Speculate to accumulate” springs to mind! The need for businesses to invest in digital technologies, machinery and production, along with research and development has never been more critical.

Therefore, how can a business invest in areas that require money as well as time, when cashflow and working capital is not keeping up with the pace? A pace that is slowed through late paying customers, increased staffing and training costs and expensive new modern technologies.

How Will you Fund your Growth?

Well, imagine this... payment on your issued invoices within 24 hours. That’s what our specialist engineering invoice factoring offers:

  • Up to 90% advanced on each issue invoice, paid within 24 hours
  • The balance remaining is paid to you once your client settles
  • We manage the credit control back office, chasing payment where necessary, so you can concentrate on making money, rather than chasing it
  • All delivered and supported by our team of specialist Client Managers, who are on hand all day, every day for any question or query you might have – no AI in sight!

Ready to Make a Change?

Call us today on 01908 268888 and see how our award winning invoice finance and confidential invoice discounting can help your business secure its future in today’s fast paced world. Or, for a 5 minute approval use our online form.