Why businesses fail within their first year of trading

A Reason WHY 20% of Businesses Fail in their 1st Year!

Posted: 16th January 2018

Fact: Only 51% of Small Businesses Claim to be Paid on Time

Worryingly, this means that nearly half of small businesses get paid late.

Having to wait 30 days to get paid is bad enough, but what happens when 30 becomes 60, or even 90 days!  Whatever savings or working capital are in the business will quickly disappear.

Fact - It’s little wonder that 20% of businesses fail in their first year! 

Fact - And that half of businesses fail, due to cashflow and funding problems, within the first five years!

Well don’t suffer in silence. Help is at hand. Join over 40,000 other UK SME businesses who manage their cashflow through invoice factoring.

Paid on What You’re Actually Owed

The appeal of factoring is that you aren’t ‘borrowing’ money, you are simply drawing on funds owed to you; that would normally take 30, 60, even 90 days to be paid.

Factoring Is Flexible

One of the huge advantages of invoice factoring is that it is flexible. Unlike traditional bank loans and overdrafts, which are fixed, invoice factoring grows with your business.

How it Works...

  • Simply issue your invoice to your customer, as usual.
  • Send a copy invoice to us, via our secure online portal.
  • Within 24hrs we pay you up to 90% of the value of each invoice factored.
  • We chase, as if we are your own in-house credit control dept, the invoice payment for you.
  • Once your customer has paid, we pay you the remaining 10% balance.

Require a confidential factoring facility, so your customers don’t know?  Simple; choose our confidential invoice discounting facility. All the benefits of invoice factoring but confidential.

Only require factoring to cover your seasonal lows or larger invoices? Simple; choose our selective invoice factoring. All the benefits of invoice factoring but you select which invoices you factor.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

What’s more, setting up your invoice factoring facility is easy. Our experienced and professional team know that time is money, as such, your business can be signed up to a tailored factoring option within a matter of days! 

Call us today and see how easy it is. Speak to us, without obligation, about how invoice factoring will help manage your cashflow, give you access to working capital and keep your bank balance healthy!