60% of SMEs Feel Optimistic About the Future

Posted: 9th October 2019

A ray of SME sunshine amid the Brexit doom and gloom; that’s according to a recent survey which cited 60% of SMEs feel optimistic about the future. The Future’s Bright.

And here at Calverton Finance, we couldn’t agree more.

Business is There for the Taking

We don’t believe the burden of Brexit should stump growth – business is there for the taking.

Our clients want to grab it with both hands, not be stalled and stunted by traditional banking and financial institutions. Last year…

  • Over 76% of business owners said they were working on new ideas
  • With 43% launching those ideas this year

This proves that businesses are striving forward with success, despite what sensationalist journalism has us believe!

Cashflow is Essential for Your Future

To grow a business, cashflow and working capital is essential. Yet this can be hard when the cost of day to day operations and meeting supplier payments exceeds your cashflow, no thanks to late paying customers.

Over 44,000 UK businesses use invoice finance - the UK’s most popular form of alternative finance; and here’s why...

  • You are paid up to 90% of each issued invoice with 24 hours
  • Your unpaid invoices are managed through an inclusive credit control service as part of your invoice finance facility
  • You are paid the balance when your customers settle their invoice

How Calverton Can Help

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of invoice finance to SMEs, supporting start ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses. Our award-winning services have seen our clients grow their businesses up to 13% last year; proving that invoice finance is the sensible choice for business prosperity and future success.

Every month our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals are arranging invoice finance for SMEs up and down the country; this enables financial stability and grow opportunities for their businesses.

We actively support businesses in their quest for growth and expansion. That’s why our decision-making teams work directly on new business so a ‘yes’ can be agreed quickly and efficiently. Therefore, each of our clients are appointed a dedicated Client Manager – it’s the ‘Calverton Culture’.

Call us today on 01908 268888 and see just how bright your future is with invoice finance or go online for a ‘5 minute in principal approval’.