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5G - It's Coming to a City Near You!

Posted: 21st May 2019

5G, the ‘fifth generation mobile network’, will be rolled out this summer by mobile network, EE. It will first be available in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester. Another 10 cities will have the superfast, next generation 5G by the end of this year.

Other network mobile providers - Vodafone, Three and O2 - have also announced they will roll out 5G by the end of year. Mainstream, widespread 5G coverage isn’t expected however until at least 2022.

So what will this new generation mobile coverage mean for your business?

The possibilities are endless, but here we highlight some of the most pertinent issues for SMEs.

5G Deployment

To truly take advantage of 5G you need to look at your systems now and how you can deploy 5G when it becomes available to you. All new IT systems should be forward compatible, migrating to 5G seamlessly. 

Top Tip: Experts recommend that SMEs should be looking to transfer all of their systems and services on to Cloud, negating the need for timely mainframe connections. 

Speed Capabilities

Ultimately, 5G will boast speeds of 10Gb/s / 10,000Mbit/s - so the sky’s the limit! This is a whopping 100 times faster than the current 4G. To start with, 5G will have speeds in excess of 1GB/s /1,000Mbit/s - still way outstripping current network capabilities. 

Superfast Response Times

With superfast connectivity response times - near immediate responses within 1 millisecond - you’ll have answers instantaneously (as will your customers) - speeding up off site meetings and less frustrations for on-the-road sales teams, seeing decisions made instantly; all of which will mean a  big increase in productivity.

5G will be ‘ultra reliable’ and so it will be able to cope with peak periods, when demand is high, without experiencing any delays in response or connectivity.


Automation will be a big part of 5G - making manufacturing, logistics, transportation and distribution industries, for example, far smarter. 5G technology is expected to be a major component in driverless vehicles, vehicle to vehicle communications, managing Artificial Intelligence (AI) traffic signalling, enhancing retail shopping experiences etc. The possibilities are endless.

Remote Maintenance

Companies will be able to conduct maintenance remotely, and far more quickly, so disruption will be at a minimum, if at all.

Remote Working

Remote working is growing in popularity by the day, as employee flexi-hours become popular and hot desking becomes a money saver for businesses sitting on expensive land and rent. 5G will enable remote workers to download large files quicker than ever via their mobile or ‘hot spots’ increasing output and efficiency.

Extended Battery Life

Believe it or not, the ultra-fast 5G won’t drain your battery; in fact the opposite. It will be so efficient that it will actually increase battery life.