10 Reasons Why You Need Invoice Finance

Posted: 29th August 2019

Do your customers pay you on time? Or are you constantly chasing late payers and even having to delay your own payments? 

You can relieve your cashflow stress simply with invoice finance, which provides financial stability and supports yours cashflow. It’s just like getting paid on the same day that you raise your invoice.

Here's why invoice finance might be for you:

1) We Advance you Money

Against your issued invoices, we can pay up to 90% of your invoice value within 24 hours. Bridging the gap between money ‘out of the door’ and your customers payments

2) The Facility Grows with your Business

There’s no need to keep re-negotiating your contract

3) We Can Manage your Credit Control

Administration on your behalf, leaving you time to concentrate on growing your business, not chasing bad debt.

4) We Offer Selective Bad Debt Protection (BDP)

Which gives you protection against potential failing customers, this can be added as a bolt on to your invoice finance facility

5) Invoice Finance Frees Up Funds

Ensures your business enjoys a fluid cashflow, freeing up funds for working capital which results in expansion and growth

6) You Will Have 24/7 Account Access

You are able to view your accounts, including invoices advanced, settled and reconciliation on your secure online portal

7) You Can ‘Draw Down Funds’

You will have access to funds within 24 hours with the support of our Client Management team

8) Access to a Monthly Rolling Contract

Convenient and flexible, we can offer you an exclusive monthly contract

9) Dedicated Client Manager

With your own contact, you have direct access to expert help, advice and support

10) Confidential Flexible Facility

An invoice discounting solution can be offered. It has all the benefits of invoice finance, but is completely confidential from your customers

Call us today on 01908 268888, for a no obligation quotation for invoice finance and join 44,000 other UK businesses enjoying the benefits that invoice factoring offers. 

Or go online and get your ‘5 minute in principal approval’.